THE SHOPPING GAME : Date (02/07/2020) : Shopping for Groceries in Kuto Market, Abeokuta

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Hello guys, hope you all are doing fine today? This is my entry to The Shopping Game organized by @steemitblog.

Here in Abeokuta, Ogun State, there are several local grocery markets where people can go to daily to get their home needs. There are however still some specific big markets that farmers come to, and buyers have the privilege of buying directly from these farmers, either for consumption, or for wholesale purchase. Some of these markets include Kuto, Omida, Lafenwa, Osiele, Iberekodo, and Elega markets.

This particular days that attract more sellers and buyers are called Market days. There are three (3) days in between two market days. For example, if the last market day was on a Monday, the next market day will be on the Friday of the same week. The next market day after that Friday will be the next Tuesday, and so on.

This is what a local market looks like. [source]

Friday, July 2nd was another market day in Kuto market, and my wife went to the market to get some provisions. I used a picture on the internet above because my wife could not take a picture in the middle of the market. This post features some of the products purchased, and their prices in Nigerian naira, and corresponding values in steem/SBD.

This is a picture of all that was bought

I further took a closer picture of the items above, putting them in groups. I will therefore be showing those pictures and stating the items in each picure.


  • Tomatoes and pepper
  • Onions
  • Okro
  • Plantain
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Pineapple
  • I mistakenly left out the bread and beans in this picture


  • 1 Milo refill pack
  • 1 Loya Milk refill pack
  • 3 Sardine (canned fish)
  • 10 Sachets each of curry and thyme
  • 5 Sonia Tomato Paste
  • 2 Honeywell Spaghettini
  • 1 Honeywell Semolina
  • 3 Sachets of Gino Seasoning Cube
  • Pap


A Breakdown of Items and Prices

Here is a breakdown of all items purchased during this shopping, and the prices. Please note that the current exchange rate of naira to the US$ is N388:$1, and steem price is assumed to be $0.2 while SBD is assumed to be equal to $1.

ItemPrice in NairaPrice in SteemPrice in SBD
2 Measures of Beans7009.021.80
Sweet Potatoes4005.151.03
Tomato Paste2503.220.64
3 Sachets of Seasoning Cubes3003.870.77
2 Sachets of Spaghetti4405.671.13
3 Cans of Sardine7009.021.80
1 Sachet of 2kg Semolina80010.312.06
500g Milo Refill Pack100012.892.58
400g Loya Milk Refill Pack100012.892.58

A total of N9,040 naira was expended on these groceries, corresponding to 23.30SBD or 116.5steem. My wife could not buy yam and palm oil, because the ones she saw were not appealing enough. She did not go early enough to meet the farmers. The yam and oil would have cost about N2000 and N800 respectively. That's about an additional 7.22 SBD.

Thank you very much for reading my shopping game post. Many thanks to @steemitblog this initiative.
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