Completing My Daily Quest On Splinterlands.

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Hey Guys,

How are you ? Hopefully you all are fine and I am also well. Today I am here to share you how I completed my today's daily Splinterlands quest.

@Splinterlands is hosting a contest named "Splinterlands Weekly Curation Challenge" where they will upvote your quality contents you wrote about splinterlands. You just need to share your post links on the comment section of their post. You also need to share your posts on other social medias.

Now it's time to talk about my battles. I was asked to win three ranked battles without Neutral cards. It takes seven battles to complete this quest. Though I won 4 battles from seven, one battle was not counted because I used Neutral cards there.

  • In the first battle, combat rule was "Up Close And Personal" and mana cap was 17 only. Then I choosed "Daria" as summoner and choosed Death splinter. I placed "Cursed Slimeball" in the first position to protect my cards from the first damage from my opponent. Then I placed "Haunted Spirit" in the second position because it has Heal ability with high damage, speed and health. I knew it would come in the first place very soon. Then I placed "Manticore" because it's a Reach and Flying card and also it has Thorns ability. "Manticore" has high damage and health also. After that I placed "Skeleton Assasin" because it is a Sneak card and it has high damage and speed. My strategy worked and I won this battle.
  • In the second battle, combat rules were "Reverse Speed" and "Rise of Commons" and mana cap was 99. So I choosed "Daria" as summoner and choosed Water splinter. Then I placed "Serpent of The Eld" in the first position because it has Dodge and Return Fire ability with high damage. Then I placed "Electric Eels" in the second position because it is a Reach card with Blast ability and also has high damage. Then I placed "Feasting Seaweed" in the third place because it is an Opportunity card with lower speed and this is a "Reverse Speed" battle. Then I placed "Crustacean King" because it is a Tank Heal card with Protect ability. And at last I placed "Water Elemental" because it has high damage with Heal ability. Unfortunately my strategy didn't work in this battle and I lost the battle.
  • In the third battle, combat rules were "Super Sneak" and "Reverse Speed" and mana cap was 36. I choosed "Malric Inferno" as summoner and placed "Molten Ogre" in the first place because it has high damage, health and Demoralize ability. Then I placed "Cerberus" in the second position because it has Heal and Retaliate ability. Then I placed "Exploding Dwarf" because it has high damage with Blast , Piercing and Retaliate ability. Then I placed "Kobold Miner" because it costs 2 mana only. Then I placed "Pit Ogre" because it has high damage with low speed. Also it has Stun and Enrage ability. Then I placed "Living Lava" in the last position because it has Shield ability which helped me a lot because all the enemy cards attacked this "Living Lava" but failed to destroy it. Fortunately my strategy worked and I won the battle.

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