Never eat food under stress

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Hello friends, you must have seen that digestive toxin happens, it is always related to food, which has a common problem, it is always harmful, in which the amount of substances starts increasing, it is usually due to excessive consumption of junk food, you will be healthy and A balanced diet should be taken, it can be due to some reason like you do not feel hungry on time, in which your digestive system does not work properly, it is also wrong to eat food without hunger, your digestive system is not able to digest it in which your toxins change. It is known that no matter how nutritious it is eaten, it harms your body.


Cold foods are also not good for your health, in which the digestive system is difficult, it is harmful for your body. To digest food properly, your body's digestive power should be good. Should it reduce your digestive power, it also happens under stress in which digestive toxins increase or it is not the right time to eat food while sitting in one position, there is a desire to sleep immediately after the meal, all this causes stress and They are harmful to health, they are never noticed by us because we do not understand our lifestyle.

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Superb, wonderful detailed explanation with a digestive problem. @ahlawat. Thanks for sharing with us.

Stomach problem is most common in life. Thanks for sharing @roopk97

I have experienced this myself. I used to have a lot of stress during the lockdown. I suffered during that time with stomach problems which are even harder to get rid of now. I think stress is big problem that invites more diseases.

#affable #india

you are right! thank you @skysnap

You have shared a fruitful Information about digestion ..Thanks a lot!

@ahlawat yes it is true and culture hav changed too much now most of the population eats junk food today culture hav to learn these all

Nice tip from you thank you 😍

Your guidance is very helpful..Bcoz I mostly don't take a diet on a proper time .I like most junk food..But I will try to avoid as much as possible..
Thanku for sharing such type of post..

Great post about food, keep posting @ahlawat

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