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Hi Steemians, I hope you all are doing really Great. So lets get started and talk about my today's activities.

So, today in the morning the same as usual, waking up at 4:15AM when my alarm rang, then meet my friends at planned location, then went for jogging with some of my friends and then return home by 6 - 7AM.

Picture of nearby town houses lighting in the morning, there are open fields as well, having some sort of crops, plus code - (3M9H+X3 Dharmai, Uttar Pradesh)

I rest for sometime and then shower and then I worked on steemit for quite sometime,I checked all the notifications, replied to the some comments.

Last packet of the Lays chips

I ran out of all the snacks so now it was time to buy some more, so after sometime I went to KITCHEN STORE to buy more snacks

I purchase all these items To eat, biscuits some snacks and soft drink, I paid a total of 195inr (2.65USD)

Then i watch some episodes

I watched two and half episode i also downloaded some more episodes, because sometime my internet connection goes really slow, sometime I can't even upload images while writing my diary here which totally irritates me.

After all this I felt really sleepy, so I simply went to sleep.

In the evening time my friend came at my home then we went out to our favorite tea stall having tea..

Heading towards our favourite tea stall through national highway plus Code (3MCQ+Q6 Sirsaganj, Uttar Pradesh)

Finally reached there, ordered two tea then wait for sometime and then finally got it, paid a total of 20INR (0.25USD)

Later today my friend asked me to stay at his home, so later I directly went to his home, I called my mother and informed her about it.

We played badminton in night around 10PM then we went out for walk in nearby area for approximately 1 hour, and then we returned home..

Me and my friend watching latest movie on Netflix "Cargo" it was a good movie we watched it midnight around 2AM

We finished this movie by 3:30AM and then we went to sleep..


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How to use GOOGLE PLUS Code? - The diary game tips - the1000daysofsteem

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The best find for me is that Kulhad tea.
I love that smell of Kulhad.
It seems, You enjoyed alot with your friend last night.
#onepercent #india #affable

Very true my friend. Thank you for visiting here.

Morning is the best to get up. It is nice to watch a movie with friends. Awake for a long time.

#onepercent #india #affable

Yes sometimes it's good, I used to do this a lot during my school times, it's been a long time so I did it without having any second thoughts.


Hello @rishabh99946, your day was a good one, its my first time reading from you, it was an interesting one. Thank god you informed your mum before going to stay with your friends.

#onepercent #nigeria

Thank you for visiting here my friend it means a lot to me. I'm glad you liked my post.
Greetings from India!

In fact, you are right that sometimes the condition of the net is so bad that it is possible to miss the favorite episode. But it is very wise to download the episodes of your choice. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful diary.
#onepercent #bangladesh #affable

Kulhad is simply best in their taste & flavour, very widely a tradition to offer tea(in kulhad) at stalls, in the streets of UP & Bihar, and I never cease to enjoy "kulhad tea" every now and then I visit UP.

Have a great day.

Steem on.

#onepercent #india #affable

Hi @rishabh99946, I have also watched Cargo movie and just because it has Bablu bhaiya of Mirzapur😃. You have a foody day.

Nice diary from your side.

#onepercent #india #affable