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Hello steemians 🖐️, I hope everyone is doing great. I'm Sahil back with another day of TheDiaryGame.

Day & Date- Tuesday, 15 September 2020
TheDiaryGame- 37th Diary Entry

On Tuesday warm morning, It had a sensible temperature of 32° C this morning with 44% humidity. I woke up at 5 am that day and set off the alarm. Today I felt much more humidity than normal so I checked whether forecasting but it shows partly sunny. Then I put my mobile on the charge and got up from the bed for the bathroom to my daily routine hygiene. Then I welcomed my daily guests (birds) on the terrace and fed them and also filled water for them. Then I came down to have my tea.


Addiction of Morning Tea :)

Now it was time for my daily workout, as I rested yesterday so my body was completely fresh and not paining even a bit. Regular exercise is excellent for boosting energy and reducing fatigue. So I followed my daily workout exercises followed by warm-up exercises. It took around one and a half hours then I took rest and had a protein diet. After a while, I took a shower

At around 8 am, I opened steemit on my mobile to check update by @steemitblog. There was not any latest update so I check my notifications and then went through some diary posts and commented on them. It is such a relief for me to read the diaries of others that I got to learn a lot from them. I learned a lot and tried to apply some of them in my diary posts. I'm trying to make my diary look more attractive with quality content too. After reading some of the diary posts I went through some more markdown styling guide. I need to learn so much on this blockchain.

At around 9:30, my breakfast was ready. So I had homemade Cholle Kulche at breakfast. Then I headed straight to my study table for my morning session of studies. Also, I got to know that final year/semester examination will be held on 17th September onwards whose exams whose examinations were to be held in June. And the examinations of the remaining students will be taken in December at my University. So my exams will be taken in December. So after studying for a couple of hours I took some rest.


Cholle Kulche made by my Mom

At around 1 pm, I read brief national and international news. I got to know a couple of interesting news today. After reading the news on my mobile, I took a short nap at 2 pm. My aunt and my cousin sister came to our home, who are staying just a few doors away. So I woke up to hear their voice. Then I spend some time playing ludo with my cousin as she was feeling bored, lol.


Playing Ludo after a long time with cousin

At around 6 pm, I keep engaged with steemit for a couple of hours. While searching for something creative content on which I can write. My hunt is not over yet. Even I contacted one of our CR @sapwood for some help and suggestions. He is a very genuine guy, He gave such valuable suggestions for my upcoming projects.

At around 9:30 pm, my dinner was ready so I had Turai sabzi and Roti at dinner. After dinner, I went for a walk for 20 minutes. Then I took a shower before sleep. Then I stayed for another hour watching youtube videos. After that, I wrote my diary and Then head straight to sleep.


Roti and Turai Sabzi

So this was my today's activities. Stay safe stay healthy. Thank you for visiting here. I appreciate your time.


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You wrote that you had "Chicken curry and roti"in dinner but in image caption you mentioned "Turai ki sabji and roti."
By the way, I like to eat both.
#onepercent #india #affable

Typo error.

I had chicken curry on 16th thats why.


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