The diary game on - 2nd jan 2021

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Hello everyone , how have you been ? I am good and I hope you all are also doing absolutely great. So, Today I am going to share with you about my brother marriage . He recently got married.

Today my brother and his wife ( my Bhabhi ) came home . Sister-in-law is coming for the first time laws house . So, we welcome them . They walk on a basket and get inside the room.


We were standing at the door to take the neg then let them in. So, brother give some money . Then , we let them in after that I wash both feet . It's a ritual.


nd we played a game . In a water container we put milk and rose petals and ring Whoever finds the ring first they wins. So, in this game "bhabs " win .


Today sister in law make "Puri and kheer" .
Here is the picture of her in which she is making kheer.


We had breakfast late . We also had plan to go dhanbad for shopping. We got ready and first we went salon and I got my hair cut and it looks so nice .


My sister brought one dress for reception party and then , we ate momos and it was so spicy and tasty .


It was full busy day and then we came home and sat with Bhabhi and talked with her . While talking we ate popcorn .


So, that's all the day . I enjoyed a lot and tomorrow will be reception party .
Thank you !
Good night.
Sweet dreams .


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Hello, my friend!! What wonderful clothes!! I love your dresses!! The colors and shapes are beautiful!!

The game that you played seems to be very funny! I´m glad you've enjoyed it!

I am going to share with you a post that will help you to improve your entries Achievement 4 : Applying Markdown. For example you could add a caption below each picture to tell your readers what is that about!

I hope you have a great day!!

Greetings from Argentina!


I really enjoyed it during reading

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