Two hours away till HIVE goes live...Ready?

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I tried to get some sleep during the night just to be fresh so that I can stay pinned in front of my screen when HIVE goes live.

I failed miserably...

You have no idea how much I tried to clear my head and not let it affect my sleep.

Yet I kept waking up like every 1 hour or so...scrolling down my feed page just to be sure that everything is nice and neat..

And then on Twitter...

Back in bed and a couple of hours later...repeat.

I didn't act like that for way more important stuff...

That being said it is crystal clear that Steem and now HIVE was / and now is much more important to me than I thought they were...

You know...I fall into that group of people who think that crypto, combined with the purest form of decentralization can change my life for the better...

Modern fool...? Naive maybe...?

Who really knows...Time shall tell...

So here I am, sleepless...tired...yet so excited for what's coming next.

See ya all soon. Very soon...

Less than 2 hours away...


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@mindtrap yes we are ready 🙌🙌🙌

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Go go go

I feel you @mindtrap. I find myself doing that a lot of times since Justin bought Steemit!
Let's relax now, HIVE is here!
See ya there

I am ready for this big moment in the history of crypto!

Good that, its happening when we are awake in India 😜