Eminem Praises 50 Cent's Hustle At Hollywood Walk Of Fame Honor

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Hey everyone, hope you're doing well!

Another good day today, and I'm enjoy my favourite coffee as I prepare to get down to business and start working on a project I've been assigned to work on. I was about to start working my ass off when I stumbled upon this video of Em praising 50 for his hard work and success, and giving this man his well-deserved credit.

Actually I am a true rap head, and being in my early thirties, it's safe to say that I grew up listening to this guys' music. The Doctor (aka Dr. Dre) was there as well, which means that the legendary ram game trio took everyone by surprise and stole the spotlight.

On another note, 50 is a street dude who managed to overcome a number of difficulties to get where he is at today, so this man certainly deserves your repect for being such a tough mofo, if not for his music. Everybody who knows him knows that Curtis is a real gangster that nobody wants a problem with. Probably one of the very few real Gs in the rap business nowadays.

You can watch what happened here:

Happy for Fif.

This dude is a very smart man, and a very loyal business partner and friend. He deserves all the blessings coming his way after having been to hell and back. It is worth noting that this man was shot nine times in a single shooting and managed to survive and make it out of it alive. A couple of years later he rose to stardom, and now, he even got his Hollywood Walk Of Fame spot locked. Well played, mr Fif.

Be like Fif.

Be fearless, decisive and invincible like 50 is. We can all learn from this wonderful man. You can learn from him too, even if you're not into Rap music. This guy is a successful musician, actor, director and businessman.

I appreciate your attention.

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