Wash It - Afrobeat Music I love from Victoria Kimani feats Sarkodie

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Wash It by Victoria Kimani feats Sarkodie.

Wash It is an afrobeat song of Victoria Kimani feats Sarkodie. This song is I really love because it is inspired me while creating contents on Steem Blockchain.

You can listen to Wash It by downloading this song thru this link or you can watch the video I share above.

Let's create the contents on Reggae culture/Dancehall/Afro beats song in ReggaeSteem and earn JAHM Token.

You can participated the Riddim Up Contest till 28 of August.

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Posted via ReggaeSteem.io | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Posted via ReggaeSteem.io | Reggae Culture Rewarded
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Posted via ReggaeSteem.io | Reggae Culture Rewarded

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