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Well, is alive already for a while, but initially was under other domain and during last weeks it got certainly a lot of improvements and new features, that becomes very worth to be used

Obviously, you can just buy cards and packs in-game or at peakmonsters (which everybody was doing for ages now), but lets see what's interesting in this new, but ambitious competitor interface

And first of all the name of domain, yeah! It is very easy to remember, isn't it? Definitely, good things are always simple ones...

(All images below clickable to expand)

  1. Logging in

Only one option to login is using key-chain. Well, security first! And if you are not using key-chain yet, its really time to start, since it provides really very easy log-in every time

  1. Header

a) Let's start from very simple, but very nice feature - current rates in USD of STEEM/SBD/DEC. Simple, but useful

b) Buy Packs

If you buy packs via, You actually do it directly from Splinterlands, not losing possible airdrops, giveaways, etc (if such announced at Splinterlands). And very important - 2% cash back!
So as per above example while buying 20 packs for $40.00 value Your estimated cash back would be 5.686STEEM / 1.117 SBD / 800 DEC. Sounds not bad

c) Tools: Cost Estimator. Very easy and simple tool to estimate cost of a certain Splinter for every League

As example taken Fire Splinter for a Gold League (excluding Legendary Summoners and 2 Mana Summoners). We are getting a list of playable cards with BCX numbers and present cost of every card in USD and grand total in USD/STEEM/SBD/DEC. Amazingly easy

d) Tools: Analyze Openings

Here you can check Your last opening entering number of pack. Suppose system calculates last ones opened.
As You see my last 3 pack opening was complete disaster... just unbelievable bad with about 66% loss.

e) Support brings you to Discord invitation to BDCommunity, where you can obviously ask any question or fix any issues, if such happens

OK, now coming to the main part - the CARDS!

When first time logged you can see Untamed cards only. Counting Untamed are definitely most popular for trading now, this decision makes sense. While at any point you can sort cards as you wish by Type/Edition/Foil/Rarity/Elements

Also You can sort by Price (ASC) / Price (DESC) / Price BCX (ASC) / Price BCX (DESC)

The most interesting is Search ability by Card Name or Ability! That's actually the fun if you are not too much familiar this all cards, and especially with all those new Untamed or new Rewards Cards coming massively last weeks

So. let's say if we want to search by Healing ability, while starting typing Heal... into the box we getting at once all available variants

Remains only to chose the one we need and also to thick boxes of type of cards or edition. Lets say Tank Heal for Beta+Untamed and here we go with the list of all available currently on the market


Just to see how things works on practice, let's buy something. So for today my task was try to get last GoldFoild Albatross to get my cards to level 6 combined with healing ability

Step 1. Searching for Albatross

Step 2. Checking available cards and putting to basket

Step 3. Checking availability of funds (if enough). Visually very convenient to see available funds and to chose with which ones STEEM/SBD/DEC You actually want to pay. Then clicking chosen button to buy

Step 4. Confirm operation with Key-Chain

So here we go, 4 easy steps and card is safely landed....

Yeah, not to forget about cash-back! Let's go and see in S-E

No any delay and looks really not bad, counting the volume of cards which normally being bought. And the higher League level.. the more...

So, final thoughts are: very easy and not overloaded interface, very nice and useful searching features, cost estimator and 3% cash back. Could it be better? Well, decide Yourself. But I'm stick with from now!
Guess the team further planning some more improvements and implementations, so lets stay tuned

Greetins from THE GUILD OF NEOXIAN and see you on a BATTLEFIELDS!!!

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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 16 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!
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Awesome post! Love the features here! An upvote from Steem Monsters is on the way!

Appreciate your support A LOT!

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Agreed a very cool domain name. I’m missing out on the whole splinterlands game I’m afraid!

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Maybe its for good... you have your real LIFE :D

Great post!
Like, for real.

I would LOVE it if you could go back in and include a LINK to the MonsterMarket (yes, typing in the address isn't hard, but links are so nice to your potential readers). Same thing for the Discord. It would be GREAT if I could have just clicked over to check things out... but as it stands I have to go through a bit of effort to find all the things.

Aside from missing links- this post is TOP NOTCH!

Thank you for taking the time to include all the screenshots (this is SO HELPFUL when learning a new site). And thank you for actually USING the site so we could see real examples.


P.S.! If you tag me in a comment after you update with links I'll give you that final 10% (so a full 100% upvote). #hopingbriberyworks


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Haha, @carrieallen, well, not critical, but makes sense in fact. Makes our life easier. So now MM is GREEN and CLICKABLE :)




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Amazing overview for the really cool alternative to the in-game market and Peakmonsters. Well done!


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