You Only Get One Life, There's No Sequel - The Improbability of Existence

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We have one life to live.

Think about how rare and exciting that is.

In all eternity, the billions of years, you are alive today. It is an honor to be a human and awareness of this fact is wisdom.

Be in love with this life, you only get one. Do not throw it away.

Out of the creatures on Earth, you get to be the dominant species and you get all the benefits of a huge brain and ability. Don't make excuses and don't be the type to hold grudges or complain.

Since you have the ability, what will you do in 2020 to make your life more full? Who will you forgive? Will you move on beyond hurt and self and make the most of your years?

Your life is but a speck of sand on the hourglass of infinite time. Make it glorious and don't be a stick in the mud. Peace!

Picture from Pixabay.

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