For women, beauty is not only physical!

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Some women feel themselves the most beautiful, while some others feel that they are the worst among women in general. Beauty is often defined by different opinions by each person. In general, beautiful women are women who have a perfect physical condition, white and smooth skin, neat teeth, straight hair, ideal body, and so on.

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Does the definition apply to all women? Of course not. Many women who define beauty from another perspective that is different from the definition of beauty in general. Beauty is not just a physical problem, but an attitude and thought. Having intelligence, friendly behavior, polite, and have high spirits also often make women more beautiful.

That shows that actually every woman has her own definition of beauty. If we always compare the definition of beautiful other people and follow the definition of beautiful in general, it will make ourselves as women feel not beautiful when it does not meet these beauty standards. For example, the standard of beauty in general is white. When we realize that our skin is not white and tends to be dark, of course this will make us feel insecure because they feel not beautiful.

As stated above, that beauty is not always physical. Beautiful is when you feel confident in your own condition. Whatever your physical condition and you accept it as a form of gratitude, you will truly feel beautiful as a woman. Have you ever heard that "a smile can make someone look beautiful". Yes, when you have confidence in yourself, our lips tend to smile more easily when meeting others. This is what you unconsciously can make you more beautiful in front of others.

Similarly, someone's assessment of beauty to you. Everyone also has their own beauty assessment. When no one says that you are beautiful, does not mean you are not beautiful. It's just that the standard of beauty that he thinks is different from the standards of beauty according to your own. No need to feel bad about it, because you are still a beautiful woman even though you do not get a beautiful assessment from others.

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Thank you so much!

Yes right it is not only physical.

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