Let Failures Be Your Guide, Success Is The Source Of Failure

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First and foremost, let us all recognise that failure, like success, is an unavoidable part of life. Do you think there would be an idea of success if there were no concept of failure? Most people consider failure to be a total failure, however the truth is quite different. In reality, our failures are the hidden heroes of our achievements. Here are four major reasons why failure might result in success:


Life isn't always a process of getting what we want and not getting what we don't. Even if we don't want it, we are sometimes greeted with unexpected feelings and occurrences. In such circumstances, you can estimate how and when you will be able to resolve the problem by sitting down and reviewing your failure and diagnosing the failure. Failure is never the end of the path; it is merely a question that remains unanswered. “Understanding the question is half the solution,” a phrase I hear on a daily basis, has always inspired me.

Different experiences have a different impact on everyone. Some people's worlds disintegrate when they fail, and they become overwhelmed with the idea of never achieving again, whilst others embrace failure as a spark for courage and motivation. If it fails, it adds a new error to the list before attempting again. Because he believes that one day he will succeed. We all know that Edison failed the first time he attempted to invent the light bulb.

"An incident is worth a thousand words," they stated. Our best mentors have always been the things we've been able to put into practise in our lives. Failure can also refer to poor or incomplete problem implementation. This incident tells us what to do in similar situations and what not to do. When the time comes, you can mentor or guide someone who is in a similar situation.

As a group, let us accept it. Do you think something is genuinely attractive unless it is the polar opposite of another? Because we loathe the taste of some foods, we enjoy the flavour of others. When we finally attain success at the end of the day, we feel a sense of rightful pride because we finally achieved it. Failures in the past should be viewed as an adventure rather than a hurdle. If there were no failures, life would be rather boring.


Although I used to see failure as a source of pain, I eventually realised that it was a part of our lives as well and came to appreciate it all. People should be proud of their failures as much as their successes, since one of the times in your life that defines you is when you fall but get back up and keep walking. Allow your failures to function as a learning experience.

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