Motivation Is Everything, How To Motivate Yourself For Success

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“When it comes to getting things done, motivation is everything.”

What exactly does it mean to be successful? What is the yardstick by which success is measured? What is the secret to achieving success? What are the requirements for success? In fact, unlike the solution of mathematical problems, these and comparable questions do not have a single answer.

Every person has their own truths regarding success, as with any topic with no obvious answer. In light of these principles, each individual constructs a road for himself, and if he can reach the end of the path, he considers himself successful; if he cannot, he considers himself failure.


But, rather than the ultimate result, success is defined by your desire to walk along that path; after all, isn't it what motivates you to get on the road? Consider the following scenario: you are a tennis player. When tennis is your priority, you train nonstop for months or even years, seven days a week, and you alter not only your diet but nearly your entire life around tennis. The big day has finally arrived, and the tennis competition has begun.

You finish your final preparations and, when the match time arrives, you walk onto the court alone. Even if you've been playing for a long time, you can remember all of the court conditions, all of the features of the racket, the opponent's style of play, the bounce angles of the ball, and every move you need to make to win the point. But you can't worry about any of that once you're on the court.

Your only thought is, "I want to be here," and "Am I ready to win and give my all?" Because you're alone, two different thinking bubbles emerge over each shoulder. One says, "You have worked hard, and you must show it," while the other says, "You are not ready to win, and you should not be here; you will make numerous small mistakes and lose." It's not about winning or losing at that point.

The essential question is whether you will take your racket and play your best game regardless of the circumstances. Your personal motivation is the only condition for doing this. Yes, no one recognises your efforts at the end of the day, and only the winner's name is displayed next, if the winner is remembered at all. Even if no one remembers you and no one congratulates you, your motivation will always be with you and in your soul.

No one can take it away from you if you don't want it. It doesn't matter if many people say your name isn't in the first place if you believe you're doing your best after you leave the court and are comfortable with it. Success is defined as getting you on the court and playing your game, not by winning or losing. The only thing that can motivate you to achieve this is your own personal motivation.


From the specific to the broad, the most important factor in achieving success is motivation; the rest will take care of itself. However, even if all of the criteria are in place and your name is on the top line, you will not be successful if you lack motivation.

“When it comes to running a business,” remarked Lee Lacooca, who was fired as chairman of Ford Motor Company for his innovative and unusual tactics and went on to lead the failing Chrysler Company, which received the most federal investment ever provided to a private company in US history. “Motivation is crucial.”

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