These methods of meditation will help to ease your life

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If you are aware of witnessing, then no method is needed for meditation. Yet thousands of methods have been told in yoga and tantra of meditation. The method and actions are meant to break your physical and mental sleep so that you become meditative. Here are the simplest four methods of meditation, but miraculous.


1- Sitting in Siddhasana, first take out the inner air deeply by breathing. That is, purgative. Then close your eyes for some time, take only the deepest breaths and release. In this process, the contaminated air of the body will come out and the mind will become calm and body-heart swell. By doing this every day, attention will start to awaken.

2- In Siddhasana, sit with your eyes closed. Then remove the tension on your body and mind, that is, leave it loose. Remove tension on the face as well. Feel absolutely calm. Feel that your entire body and mind are completely calm. All the limbs from the nail to the head are relaxed. Stay in this state for 10 minutes. This is enough to know the witnessing sentiment.

3- In any Sukhasana, close your eyes and sit calm and stable. Then in turn observe your body from toe to head. During this time, feel that the organ you are seeing is becoming healthy and beautiful. This is the secret of health. Prepare body and mind for meditation.


  1. Fourth method is revolutionary method which is used by more and more people. This method is called living in the witnessing sense or vision. That means everything has to be seen. Absolutely no thinking while watching. You can do this meditation method anytime, anywhere. It can be used well while walking on the road.

See and feel that the 'thoughts and feelings' in your brain are like a bee buzzing on a hive which can be removed and enjoyed by 'honey'. Refresh and spiritualize the atmosphere with aroma and music during the simplest meditation methods like the above four. For the fourth kind of method, use the pleasant atmosphere in the morning and evening.

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