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If you are receiving upvotes like crazy for your hard work, you are on top of the world.
This is the best feeling ever when you are building your reputation and things are going well.

Due to the #newsteem the consensus has changed.
No more bid bots voting.
No more self voting excessively or crazy mad circle jerk upvotes.
Hard fork 21 gives options to fight back against abuse.


It is logical for me to describe all abuses steemians fell into.

  • self voting comments
  • you are a whale and you only upvote your post.
  • use of bid bots to get unfair advantages from the reward pool.
  • writing one liner and post a picture to spam the system.
  • this one is about nonsense post with no clear idea
  • copy and paste or plagiarism
  • anything you are trying to do that go against the community.
  • you are part of the blacklist community for repetitive issue.

The game has change tremendously.
It is 50/50 now.
Change is what make the world moves so does #steem.
The #newsteem needs the change to move past the abuse by some steemians that eat the pool like never before.
Let me say they did not know better.
Maybe they were busy posting what they think was right.
Please read a little and stay informed cause this blockchain is moving fast.

I know a lot of steemians did invest and they expect a free pass.
Actually just by joining steem, it is a free pass.
Respect the community is not a free pass.
We have to work together.

With #newsteem the consensus gives every steemian a special tool call your personal downvote.
This downvote does not touch your resources credit if you use it wisely.
Everyone can use it.
The reason to use it varies.
I, personally used it but not often.
My posts sometimes get downvoted as well.
I am a positive guy and I understand why I get downvote.

At first you are not happy.
You may become sad and frustrated.

You need to find out why you get the downvote.
Do some research and do not allow your ego get in the way.

If you cannot understand why, ask kindly why and then correct the issues.
It’s okay to make mistakes.
Some mistakes still get by.


#steem is not one man show.
The right of upvote get balance by the right of downvote.

  • Make corrections and get the issue resolved. If you still get downvote the problem is major. Decentralization is the essence of this blockchain.
  • Don’t argue much and try to be right
  • If you are right, time is your best friend to move forward.
  • Don’t try to resolve the issue on #steem.
  • Locate other steemians on discord or other social media to find a resolution.
  • Each case may differ to another one so my answer cannot be one size fits all
  • You are responsible to get it resolved as quick as possible.
  • Please do not let the issue lingers. It shows you do not care.

The real reason you get downvote is because you will get reward from the pool.
It needs to be fair and square.
The pool belongs to all steemians who hold steem power.
I hope it is not personal.
Principles are what drive the consensus going forward.
You have to adjust or they will help you to adjust the other way.
This post will be served as a reminder.
Many posts have been written on downvote.
Again you decide for yourself the best course of actions
I wish you the best.
Stay put!

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Thank you, I wrote on something similar few minutes ago but mine is about the scarcity of upvotes

I wrote about it cause I read a post the other from a tribe where people are abusing #steem and then I saw a post where comments were flying like crazy about downvote.

One thing steemian need to know when they start downvote you don’t retaliate and fight back in the same scenario.
Sometimes the people downvote you can find ways to do it.
It is demoralizing in a way.
Just correct the situation.
A lot of people expect to earn a living from the reward pool it should be this way
The reward pool is getting small day by day so people need to find other way to earn.
I am going to read yours
Stay put

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