A Simple Dinner

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When our friend Ernest said he would cook a simple dinner for us, we were expecting some fried some noodles or fried rice. After all, we had been out to lunch, and tea. A simple dinner sounded like just the thing to round up the day, and to balance the calories intake for the day. Little did we know that Ernest's definition of simple is a bit different to ours.

Before meeting us earlier in the day, he had already prepared the necessary ingredients, and pre-cooked some of the dishes. Instead of the expected noodles, or fried rice, these were what we had.

Herbal soup. I don't know the name of the main ingredient in English - a white coloured tuber. The texture is a bit like a soft potato. Besides that, there are pork ribs, to add flavour to the soup, and there's also wolfberries, or goji berries, and a couple of other ingredients.


Fried marinated pork strips with garlic and chilli flakes

Braised chicken with black fungus, tiger lily mushroom (golden needle mushroom) and wolfberries flambéed with brandy

Scallop omelette garnished with spring onion flavour with smoked paprika

Thai organic three colour brown rice

Accompanied by some white wine. I had most of the bottle, since the others in the group are mostly non-drinkers.


It might be a simple dinner to Ernest, but for yours truly who eat to live, it was definitely not simple at all.

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That looks like a great Dinner Ernest made you, and some nice wine!

It was a lovely dinner. And yes, the wine was very nice too! 😊👍

Hi @quotes-haven thanks for sharing, it looks very delicious

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