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Frog alert.

Fraud alert.

I think we’re saying the same thing.

Ribbit, hey buddy, you need an ID? I can get you one that’ll get you out of here, but you gotta let me know now. I got two buyers on hold. I saved it special for you, but if you don’t want it, you gotta let me know now.

Jeremy, I can’t. Mom and Dad are waiting inside for me. Now’s not a good time. Can’t I call you tomorrow?

It’s now or never, comrade. Tomorrow never comes for those who stick around to see what’s happening. You want to live a long full life, you’ll get out of town. I know I am. The apocalypse is coming.

But my mom and dad.

Your mom and dad can’t come. It’s awful, I know, but better one of you makes it out than none of you, right? Isn’t that what they would want?

I dunno. They’re pretty good about guilting me to do the right thing even if it means personal sacrifice.

Oh, jeebers. I know what you mean. Well, think of it this way, then: your guilt is all imagined. They’re the perfect parents and only want the best for their child.

Well, I can’t leave those kinds of parents behind!

Sure you can. You’re doing what’s best for THE FAMILY.

We were never particu-

Nevermind. See you tomorrow, buddy.


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