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Just gonna do Sentence One for now, and will revisit later if I can:

Kurt was a huge, comfortable man, whose body dropped fast into any inviting spaces.
Boom, down onto the couches of the parties he went. His long body filling every crevice. He didn’t want to be thoughtless or impolite, but he did want to be comfortable, and he couldn’t manage to be both. Or neither… However that thought process went.

Aisha, from his work, invited him to her Halloween party. He seemed a pleasant enough man at work, and she was always eager to make new friends. She hadn’t a clue if they’d have any shared interests, but being nice was one of her defining qualities, so she didn’t think twice about whether he would fit in.

He did not. At the party, he seemed quiet, reserved in a way he never did at work, which made him hover around the snack table, which meant he ate more snacks than could accommodate the party… He ate so many snacks, that if everyone ate that many snacks, they’d run out of snacks. Then, he must have felt heavy because he collapsed on the couch, closed his eyes and, pretending to really get into the music, snoozed for longer than was really appropriate.

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Oh, those guests that eat too much and then fall asleep - actually, better than the ones that drink too much and then throw up 🤪

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So true... Though I haven't had any personal experience with that.

Nor with this. It's All Made Up!

(unless it's ME that has the overeating problem)

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