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Toe JAM.
Bow chicka wowowow
That’s my toe JAM. Got the toes a popping and my knees pop-locking

Changing the jam of the toe every day was tedious for Chantilly. She loved so much of her job, but the removal of old toe jam and the spreading of the new toe jam was just such a chore. She envied the tooth fairy, who was just in charge of collecting teeth, not giving out new ones. It was half the work!

On this particular afternoon, she had a dozen different sock-wearing sleepers in a single apartment building to take care of. She didn’t know why they tended to cluster like this. Maybe it was something about the spiritual energy of the building, or maybe the laundry room made their socks extra cozy for nighttime sleeping, but gah, it seemed like wherever there was one, there were ten. She wasn’t sure if she was going to make it to all her rounds tonight. Someone in the world was going to wake up with yesterday’s jam between their toes!

She had nearly finished number 9 when who should waltz in, or rather, prance dance in, but the tooth fairy herself. “Chantilly!” squealed Enny, whose high voice was supposed to be a beautiful soprano, but who Chantilly always thought sounded tinny.

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I really like your treatment of such a subject with realism and detail. Of course there is someone who refreshes the rations of toe jam. You really allow the reader to get in the head of the narrator by including them.

But not just that, your language is also refreshing. "Sock-wearing sleepers in a single apartment building to take care of." The sentence lilts beautifully.

Thanks for sharing your work.

Thanks for reading it!

poor Chantilly. The tooth fairy's job is so much easier!! She doesn't even have to remove the teeth - just take them from under the pillow... :)


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