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I have read @whatsup new challenge which is to write one post a day and comment on at least ten posts. I can surely do one post a day, not great quality posts because I am not a good writer but they can be just about the same quality as if I spend 10 days thinking about one, I do things fast or not at all. The comments are doubtful I don't comment that much.

I do think this movement is the best one I have seen anybody come up with, Steemit is a social network you have to interact with others. Now will this help Steem get out of its rut and spiral sky high in its price? Probably not but it should help build a better community.

Now look at the trending page, it is mostly about burning Steem, about SBD potatoes, about how bid bots were beaten and yet they are still here, and a lot of articles by the big guys which are very well voted which are basically just talking about how great Steemit and Steem are doing. We all know this isn't true.

I saw one article by a very big guy saying that yes the number of users is down, post numbers are down, and their is a lot less interaction going on, but this is actually good for Steemit and Steem. I wonder what world this guy lives in, the lifeblood of a social network is interaction. Then I read about another guy who is downvoting people because they are not downvoting. I thought this was a decentralized platform it turns out it is just a place where a whale dictates what you have to do.

So I see this new #milkandtators initiative like a breath of fresh air, let's forget about hitting other people, about outright lying about the platform, and let's try to make it a better place somewhere were people can really feel at home, who knows this might even bring in more people than what is being done now. I know a lot of these new posts by people who feel a new positivity building up will be better if they trend than what is there now.

Let's try to make this into a place where you actually read what you vote for and leave comments because you like or maybe dislike what is being said or just to check something, I don't see and have never seen how downvoting is such a great thing, yet some people here live by that credo, I think it just gives feelings of bad will and trying to get even. I for my part will try to comment some more, my vote is so low I don't promise anything with it, as for the daily post I think I can do that, not quality stuff or a wordy post, but still something you can read.

Again I think @whatsup has hit it right this time, let's see if it works. Steem's price is actually seeing a little uptrend lately, so maybe, just maybe we could see the light later on this year.

As an apart I always write on, lately it seems there is some problem with uploading pictures, what I do is load them on the Steemit writing page and copy the code here on busy. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Welcome to the challenge! It is not so difficult to comment on anyone posts, very achievable. What we need is just to reinforce our engagement here!
Steem on mate!

The engagement level is almost dead for over 2 months, and I believe we need a movement of this kind.

I don't want to be ,,I told you so'' guy but I'm not surprised at all. With last HF I was expecting this to happen.

The EIP is responsible for the dust upvote.

We need to make steem block chain more about fun, more about people, and more about commenting, reading, and well just a nicer place to reside. Sometimes the garbage needs to be taken out of the kitchen lest it smell the place up real bad, so I can see some of the good in flags, but the just meanness, no sense in that at all, if you don't like what someone said, then just move on to the next post, why antagonize a nest of fire ants, you are likely to get burned.

Conclusion, have fun.

This is an important factor.

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Nice contribution to mikandtators! You get it. It takes people and socializing to make a social media site.

Many of the large accounts have lost interest in the social media side and thus are just protecting their stake.

Steemit and the like are far too focused on the rewards and the stake and ive been saying this for sometime that we cant have a social media site thats only reward focused because it clearly pisses the majority of users off as their efforts are not rewarded

I had a simple suggestion to add view counters and view stats like medium and other social Sites have! If you have a view counter you can gage how popular a piece is without the reward find underewarded pieces because perhaps all the views come from low stake holders

Views give uzers a metric they can focus on other than the rewards and with ads and promotions knowing how many views you get for bid botting or using promotional services now ads more value as their is a measurement

Then we can look ar views vs comments and see who gets the most engagement fron their views and allows people to improve their content to get views and more engagment

Use Steempeak! Yeah, this is an awesome initiative. Anything to help increase user activity on Steem is a win win win.

I do love the initiative.. although we now have a ton of posts about posting more..

I will be commenting more.

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