Justin Gaethje gets a huge knockout victory versus Cowboy CerronesteemCreated with Sketch.

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Justin Gaethje knocks out MMA legend Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada tonight in the first round. This is Gaethje's third straight stoppage in the first round. The dude has looked like a powerhouse lately! He's straight up stopping dudes.

I have been really impressed by Justin Gaethje in his recent fights. He is slightly reinventing himself and becoming a fighter that is really picking his shots rather than purely looking for a brawl. Its a surprising and refreshing thing to see. Gaethje is no Homer Simpson people.


At this point I would like to see Gaethje fight somebody really big. His fight style is a surefire blockbuster event. Despite the fact that he doesn't brawl anymore shouldn't suggest that it's a boring change, he still bangs and throws heat. But its more of a very controlled chaos. Plus, since seeing his past fights, I would like to assume Gaethje has got the cardio to continue his newfound controlled chaos style into deeper rounds. But I do admit that its a bit of an assumption.

I believe that Gaethje should fight Conor McGregor. That fight could seriously be legendary. I can picture both of those guys throwing heat and its a beautiful thought.

If anybody deserves stardom and a bit more of mainstream spotlight, its Justin Gaethje. He puts it on the line every fight. But Conor doesn't seem to be coming back anytime soon.

Who knows but Gaethje is in line for a championship fight soon in my opinion. The dude is a savage!

The lightweight division of the UFC continues to be interesting as ever.


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Gaethje has really surprised me these last 3 fights. After his first 3 fights in the UFC, I thought his style was mostly wearing down his opponent with sustained pressure until the other guy folds. Worked against Michael Johnson. Didn't go so well against Alvarez and Poirier. All of a sudden he's like a changed fighter with 3 very impressive victories. All KO's or TKO's in the very first round. Like I said, very impressive.

A fight between McGregor and Gaethje would be great but I think McGregor will only return for the big money fight, a rematch with Khabib. I think the UFC wants that rematch too if only because it would make BIG BANK.

Gaethje and Poirier rematch would be interesting. Has Gaethje improved enough to beat Poirier this time? I'd like to find out.

I also thought Gaethje was more of a volume cardio brawler as well. I believe that potentially Gaethje's style could help sell the fight and if McGregor won it would be a great way to remind everyone how good he is, especially the hardcore fans. But I do agree he seems to be only interested in the biggest prize fights which is understandable.

Gaethje versus Poirier 2 would be super fun and valuable for the division since both fighters are at interesting points in their career. That fight could be even better than the first considering Gaethje's fresh fighting approach. Thats a tough one to predict.

Appreciate the comment!

It will be an interesting fight first of all and Gaethje is now the talk of the town for sure. His recent past record is very promising.

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Yes Justin has made a great turnaround recently! He is in position for something big!