YouTube Shows Better Than TV #36 - Peek Again His guitar skills are uncle Jhon

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Hai eSteemian,

I didn't write many things today, my health condition has deteriorated in recent days. Maybe I'm too tired and lacking in rest. So I have lost 48 hours of my time to eSteem, and this is a pity


This post is just a little entertainment, my best friend @ jhon .lowman just sent me a video in the studio. He is preparing for a cover guitar solo project for the 140th #openmic contest and I really like the passion he has.

If I become a judge, then I will give this video a value of 9 points from 10. What about you?

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@owner99, Hope that you will find more effective resting time and once again will gain the enthusiasm.

Yes, few minutes back i watched his Guitar Session definitely he is reflecting professional and experienced and most importantly his art is filled with passion.

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