MyCryptoHeroes - In-Depth Review

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The lore behind MyCryptoHeroes(MCH) is that historical heroes have disappeared from the face of the Crypto World and MCH miners(the players) have been tasked to venture into the Crypto World, fight enemies and retrieve all the heroes. MCH has been developed by double, a Japanese blockchain game developer. MCH is an RPG(Role-Playing Game) where you can form a team of up to 3 heroes and battle an enemy. There are two modes that you can play, PvE and PvP, the difference in them is that you play against NPCs in PvE and in PvP, you play against other players. The PvE mode is where you can find different items called extensions that basically make your hero stronger by increase damage, health, etc.

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Each hero has a rarity (common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary), a level (that is capped by the rarity of the hero), stamina (bars of energy consumed during battle), stats (health, attack, intelligence, and agility) active and passive skill. The PvE aspect of the game are quests that you can take your heroes on. They are called nodes and each node has a different reward that can be obtained. It also takes up the stamina of your heroes and higher difficulties take up larger amounts of stamina. Each node has 3 battles and you battle 3 monsters at the same time. If you beat the final boss, you get an extension. This is similar to how Splinterlands divides their cards and is easy to understand because this kind of concept is present in almost every single game.

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The in-game currency is GUM which can be converted into Ethereum and you can buy heroes on the Market tab for a fixed price using in-game currency or you can also trade with other players but trading heroes with players is much more expensive since players decide the price. The developer should add an option to let players report people who are price-fixing since it ruins the game. This is a big part of why player-driven economies may not work properly if players get together to set high prices. An amazing feature that I haven't seen in any blockchain game is the option to buy a prime membership where you will receive access to exclusive nodes and daily prizes like GUM, which is the equivalent of a battle pass in Apex Legends or Fortnite. You may also join factions which are called Lands in the game where you can do weekly raids which is pretty fun since this game gets a little stale if you complete all the nodes since PvP matchmaking takes a long time but I think that if more players start playing MCH the developers may start improving PvP matchmaking.

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In conclusion, MCH is a great RPG game with a throwback retro art style but it still needs a more interactive user interface (UI) that is more easy-to-navigate. The player market should be regulated by Devs otherwise veteran players may abuse the system to exploit newer players which will harm the player base and discourage novice players to keep playing MCH.

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