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Racism and bias pushed many into the questionable position, i was and i am not free from this condition
From young age I've experienced this journey, it will happen in the world where God is money
Many will not understand how life becomes when you have to prove yourself in every moment otherwise you will be judged, yet hardworking efforts are misjudged
But i left behind all the judgements and adopted, mirror talk, exercise and running, but yet in this caged world my innerself was burning.

All these routines are part of my life from young age, but i always battled with the shaking stage.
Dark soul of the nights and daily battles suppressed my passion every moment, genuinely it never allowed me to settle
I wake up everyday to re-live my passion, i have to agree i am not successful everyday because of surrounded tension
Both physical and non-physical situations are becoming obstacles, like numerous forces are surrounded me like particles.

There was a time when i gave all the time to my work, i thought it's the right decision and it will work
Slowly it consumed me very deeply, work and work, not felt much sleepy
Over the period of time i saw the reality, i was missing the point of spirituality
Sometimes universe interfere to bring us on the path of alignment, but sometimes it will arrive as painful assignment.

Now i am living my life from heart space more than mind, i can see what is kind
When i preach about the spiritual-awakening many ignores like a joke, but it's not their fault, people have destined and divine timing for their spiritual stroke
Connection and separation is happening with higher frequency, we cannot measure to what degree
Spiritual journey put us in all new age and range, it leads to change which brings change.

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"This is my original work."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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I don't think it's as much racism on steemit as it's languageism! LOL I just made up a word!

In my opinion Racism is everywhere because it's a Curse to Humanity. Stay blessed.

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Hey, shakespeare made up words too, so you have that in common with the bard!

Hey, shakespeare made up
Words too, so you have that in
Common with the bard!

                 - riverflows

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@coininstant rocks..... 👍👍😁

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Keep up the good work team. 👍

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How lovely, @chirrerocks!

I especially love this line:

Sometimes universe interfere to bring us on the path of alignment, but sometimes it will arrive as painful assignment.

We were talking about it in the Discord channel, well, something like it. That growth can be actually reallly painful, even though we'd like to think it's like this shining light that transforms us in a beautiful positive way! sometimes, sure. But often, change is hard! It hurts!!! thanks for taking the trouble to write such a lovely poem.

It's never a trouble because Poetry is my Passion and Tool Of Expression. Thank you so much for your in depth and connected words. Stay blessed.

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This was a really beautiful poem. I liked when you talked about spiritual awakening. We talk a lot about it in our house, and I understood what you meant by people feeling like it's not real, but the change that it brings is undeniable.

Absolutely true words and in my opinion everyone will going to understand the Spirituality and Spiritual Awakening but it will happen on Destined Timing and it's Divine Call.

Thank you so much for your connected response and stay blessed.

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