Is there any more natural product than the product of an organic garden?

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Hola de nuevo, amantes de lo natural.

Me gustaría compartir con vosotros algunas buenas fotos de los productos naturales que tiene plantados mi amigo Goyo en su huerto ecológico/orgánico, en el cual no se usan ningún tipo de venenos o suplementos artificiales.

Mientras estaba editando estas fotográfías, me estaba preguntando si existe algún producto más natural que el que ha sido cuidado en un huerto ecológico/orgánico. ¿el agua de la lluvia? ¿los rayos del sol? No, no hay ningún producto más natural que la fruta, la flor, las plantas...

También me estaba preguntando si la fruta que crece del arból es un producto, si la flor que crece en el campo es un producto o si este post o yo mismo somos productos. Quizás algunos expertos en productos naturales puedan contestarme estas preguntas. El que se sienta aludido sabe lo que estoy diciendo y sintiendo.

Bueno, vamos al tema, que estoy filosofando demasiado.

Goyo tiene dividida una de sus zonas de cultivo en dos. En la primera huerta, tiene muchísimas flores y algunos árboles frutales como papayeras o limoneros.

En la segunda zona de cultivo, Goyo tiene plantados muchos más frutas y hortalizas, como pimientos, lechugas, coles, tomátes o el caracteristico plátano, tan abundante en Canarias.


Hello again, lovers of the natural.

I would like to share with you some good photos of the natural products that my friend Goyo has planted in his organic / ecological garden, in which no type of poisons or artificial supplements are used.

While I was editing these photographs, I was wondering if there is any more natural product than the one that has been taken care of in an organic / organic garden. The rain water? The sun's rays?
No, there is no product more natural than fruit, flower, plants ...

I was also wondering if the fruit that grows from the tree is a product, if the flower that grows in the field is a product or if this post or I are products. Maybe some natural products experts can answer these questions. Whoever feels alluded knows what I am saying and feeling.

Well, let's go to the subject, I'm philosophizing too much.

Goyo has divided one of its growing areas in two. In the first garden, it has many flowers and some fruit trees such as papayas or lemon trees.

In the second growing area, Goyo has planted many more fruits and vegetables, such as peppers, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes or the characteristic banana, so abundant in the Canary Islands.

Zona 1 / Zone 1








Zona 2 / Zone 2



Plátanos / Bananas





Pimientos / Pipers



Tomates / Tomatoes



Lechugas / Lettuces


Coles / Cabbages





Goyo vende sus productos los sábados, en el mercado local de su localidad, Puntallana, Islas Canarias.

Sinceramente espero que este post tenga la calidad suficiente para que sea apreciado por expertos en productos naturales. Intentaré compartir más cositas sobre este tema muy pronto. Me queda en el tintero las miles de flores que hay plantadas en este huerto ecológico.



Goyo sells its products on Saturdays, in the local market of its locality, Puntallana, Canary Islands.

I sincerely hope that this post has sufficient quality to be appreciated by experts in natural products. I will try to share more things on this topic very soon. The thousands of flowers that are planted in this organic garden remain in the inkwell.


Y recuerda: Más natural que estos productos: el agua.

And remember: More natural than these products: the water.


Copyright: Javier Sebastian, Canary Islands. All my images are original.
If you want to buy any of my visuals, please drop me a message, I'm on Discord: JavierSebastian#5816

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This garden is beautiful.

@javierswbastian, This is interesting, such a beautiful garden.

I loved the images and I must say all the yields from the garden look healthy and nutritious.

Growing farm products through natural supplements is the way to go especially in a world where artificial fertilizers are now rampant.

Great job done by your friend.

The structure of this post can be improved, please consider not using tables in your next contributions as this causes some sort of distortion with the mobile view.

We are looking forward to your next contribution.

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RealityHubs Moderator

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Thank for your words. I have edited the post and I have erased the tables.
I hope it will be better now.

@javiersebastian, This Garden is so beautiful and whenever i see these kind of natural beauty then it gives the essence of Abundance.

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This is a sound post. Definitely show cases some of the naturally grown products, which are absolutely, on their own, 'natural' products.

Many fruits and flowers are used in the production of Natural products. Bioflavonoids, polyphenols, carotenoids are substances that can be extracted and used in supplements or other products, like cosmetics or as food additives. They have been typically referred to as primary or secondary metabolites (depending on function) or non-essential nutrients.

For instance, from your pictures;

  • Papaya - extract used in cosmetics for vitamins A,C
  • Peppers - depending on the variety have capsicum, as an extract is an ingredient to medicine and supplements.
  • Tomatoes - have lycopene used in medicine and supplements for eye support.

Natural products is a term that was coined in the early 1800's as organic and natural chemistry started to take root. It's a field of science study, a lifestyle and an industry.

From farm to shelf... Hope that helps.

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It's fun, such a beautiful garden. I also have a small garden with some vegetables, papayas and longan trees.

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