Some Natural Ways to Clean Your Face

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Good evening, friend...


Tonight I would like to explain to you all about how to clean face naturally, The following are some ways to clean your face naturally;

(1). Use Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey can brighten facial skin because of the rich vitamin C content in lemons and also the antibacterial content in honey. In addition, lemon and honey can also prevent skin from pimples and blackheads. How to make this mask is very easy. Just mix one teaspoon of honey with the squeezed lemon, then apply to face and let stand for 15 minutes.

(2). Aloe vera

Besides honey and lemon, another way to brighten the face naturally is to use aloe vera. Aloe vera contains polyphenol compounds. These polyphenol compounds function as antioxidants so that the skin is protected from dull and gloomy colors. Nowadays there are a lot of gels that contain aloe vera.

(3). Egg whites

Yes, egg whites! Besides being edible, egg whites can also be used to brighten facial skin. Because egg white contains protein, the protein can be beneficial for our skin. The protein contained in the egg white can stimulate the growth of new cells and make these cells replace your dull skin with new skin cells!

It's easy, take the raw egg white and apply it to the face. Then, leave it for about 15 minutes to dry. In addition to brighter facial skin, egg white also makes the face become firmer.

(4). Papaya

Besides good for digestion, papaya is also good for facial skin. Papaya can fight bacteria on the face and brighten the skin up. How to use papaya fruit is very easy. Just mash papaya in a bowl, then apply it entirely to the face. Rinse after settling on face for 15-20 minutes. Then, do this once a week. To make this papaya mask, you may also add other mixes such as honey, milk, or yogurt for maximum results and brighter facial skin.

(5). Tomato

Tomatoes! This fruit is indeed rich in antioxidants and also vitamin E. With the efficacy of vitamin E, skin can directly become bright instantly. There are 2 ways to wear this tomato mask. The first way is to slice the tomatoes into slices and place them on the face. The second way is to pound the tomatoes and spread them on the entire face. Do this 3 times a week.

(6). Stale Tea Pulp

Who says that stale tea dregs cannot be used for facial skin. Eits, make no mistake the stale tea dregs have many benefits. Besides being able to lift dead skin cells and reduce black spots on the face, stale tea pulp is also useful for brightening facial skin.

That's all that I can describe tonight, hopefully it can be useful for you all to brighten your skin.

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I know about Aloe vera, but I didn't know about others.


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