Hurricane Dorian - Before and After

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Fifteen years and a very different life ago, my first wife and I liked nothing more than visiting this beautiful part of the world for a short break. We did four, five-day breaks here between 2002 and 2004, the final trip when these pictures were taken. Nice isn't it?



The Corner Bistro. Had some fabulous meals there.



The beaches were stunning


The Photos were taken at Port Lucaya, Freeport, Grand Bahama.

As was the following photo from Getty Images taken on Monday morning

If there is anything you can do to help. Money, Supplies, services then please get in touch with the Bahamas Red Cross obviously the equivalent USD value of this post reward and my personal donation will be sent.
The balance of nature and within it our lives, all sit so precariously.

There but for the grace of God go I

Without believing the religion, I can totally understand the sentiment.


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Unbelievable the amount of destruction... I experienced Irma two years back with the eye over my head, but I really have the feeling that that was peanuts compared to this monster..

One thing I know from then...Help needs to be organized centrally, because it is too much of a chaos for all small projects now...that is for later...

I also remember samaritans purse being super fast and good by us...that is also a charity I would consider donating...and cross as well.even though the name isnt always that good, reality is: 'they are there!'

Wow, I was mostly unaware of the this hurricanes destruction. The damage looks catastrophic, I was last in the Caribbean just about 2.5 years ago and have fond memories of Freeport from a couple of childhood vacations. I’ve been stuck here in my bubble of perfect weather, no volcanoes, no real monsoon season, earthquakes or any of mother nature’s violent sides. I’ll go and read up on the situation and see if I can offer any help.

The devastation is inconceivable and the recovery operation will take a long time.

Was Port Lucaya destroyed? I hadn't heard that. I have been trying to find some images from there. I will need to double check. Was that Getty image photographed at Port Lucaya? I’ve visited The Bahamas many times, and am so saddened to see the human suffering there!