Howard Shared His Thoughts Regarding Upcoming All Star Game and Slam Dunk Competition

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Recently Dwight “The Superman” Howard was interviewed by the media and during the aforementioned interview Dwight Howard honestly replied “I thought about it. I’m getting my legs back. I feel young again. But, winning the (NBA) championship is the most important thing.” I agree with Howard at this point of his career winning an NBA Championship is the ultimate goal and an NBA Slam Dunk champion is nothing compared to that elusive NBA Championship ring. Right now he has good attitude to have and he does the things to best of a second chance and hopefully he can bring it championship to the to the greatest city in the world. He knows it’s time to stop clowning around. He got a serious reality check last off-season when almost no teams wanted his services. I think Dwight Howard is rather older to participate in the dunk competition. Remember that you are on top of your game and much younger when you are beaten badly in that competition! Anyways, as a LeBron fan and Lakers fan right now, I think it is better for Howard to be healthy all throughout the whole season and leading into the playoffs, the team are looking pretty solid right now and automatically qualifies for the playoffs. Hopefully, the Lakers become the World Champions this year and Howard gets to redeem himself after a disastrous team up with Kobe.


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