Do the Lakers need to move Kuzma?

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Is it time to move on from Kuzma and trade him or wait because its a little bit too early. A lot of people right now are really down on Kyle Kuzma although he had a great game by far his best game against the Clippers this most recent loss and he had 25 points he really got off to that huge 15-point quarter and he really played very well.

But a lot of you guys are very disappointed in Kuz and how he's been this entire season I myself included you know was expecting him to be that third star that third scoring option so far he's not been able to do that consistently.

But so far this season he has not really been at 100% and he's also been trying to kind of figure out his new role playing alongside ad and LeBron.

Kuzma struggling with these injuries where he's kind of coming in and out and taking these times off. Ever since coming back from this most recent ankle injury.

I have noticed that Kuz does look really good he's moving without the ball very well and just moving in general like that ankle is not bothering him he has said recent interviews that he is finally feeling like he is back to 100%.

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Certainly he will improve and be in a best state

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It is certain

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