NBA EXPRESS #74 | Darren Collison coming out of retirement for the Lakers or Clippers?

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What is up here on the NBA EXPRESS recently it was announced that Darren Collison will be coming out of retirement and coming to join the Los Angeles teams. This past summer before he announced his retirement a lot of people myself included were really hoping that Darren Collison decided to sign with the

All thought he'd be back perfect addition to this Lakers team back when they were looking to kind of fill out the roster which the purple and gold really need a point guard a ball handler or good scorer and that is exactly what Darren is.

During the summer he announced he was actually going to be retiring from the NBA so that kind of killed my whole call us into the lakers dream but now it is looking like that dream up may actually come true because Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that Darren Collison is reportedly considering a comeback in the NBA coming out of retirement and apparently the two teams that he is most interested in joining is the Los Angeles Lakers and then the Los Angeles Clippers.

Personally I don't think that Darren would join the Clippers I don't think he would come out of retirement to join the Clippers. The only reason that he would go out of retirement is to come in join the Lakers because he already had that time with Frank Vogel. Collison played for Frank back when he was on the Indiana Pacers so they have that relationship there I think he wants to win a championship and he knows that coming to the Lakers is his best bet.

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He'd definitely get more playing time with the Lakers. Only way i see him choosing the Clippers is if Pat Beverly or Lou Williams gets injured for an extended period of time

Yeah theres not enough room for him on the Clipps

It would be cool if more came out of retirement even just to do a free throw,
Nice read juls