NBA EXPRESS #76 | Myles Turner might get shipped to Dallas?

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What is going on here today on NBA EXPRESS let's discuss another trade rumors as the trade deadline is just a month away and more big name players are popping up in the trade discussions with the likes of Kevin Love for example.

But the latest on this news is none other than the young talented big of the Indiana Pacers which is Myles Turner. Turner just switched agent and his current which is Bill Duffy, sounds familiar right?

Duffy is currently Luka Doncic's agent so for Duffy to dream of teaming up both his clients which if happens really compliment each others game. Myles Turner isn't a spectacular rebounder which he is only 6 boards per game.

Luka can take care of the rebounding and scoring and uhhh dimes as well, but one thing that Turner can greatly contribute to the Dallas Mavericks is his bread n butter which is his shot blocking. Turner is swatting away 2.1 shots per game and that could greatly fill the void at center position along with Kristaps which also a legend at blocking shots inside the paint.

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Oooh i like it! That's a pretty potent frontcourt since both Turner and Porzingis are lengthy shot blockers who can shoot threes. I have to think the Pacers would have a high asking price though...who do you see Dallas giving up to get him?