What a week

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So, early in the week, I learned that I booked a role in a piece of immersive theatre. Then had two auditions Friday for things that would be big and exciting for me if I booked them. Had a rehearsal for one thing Saturday morning, and a show for another Saturday night...

These little bursts of "this is what it could be like to be a working actor" remind me that it's not so incredible that I do this... these burst could come closer together or lead to longer gigs or could build on each other...

I mean, I perform a lot. There's no dearth of opportunities, and many of them pay a small stipend. There are teaching opportunities, too, but...


Nothing. Just,



A career is not built on $50 and $100 gigs here and there. It's built from one body of work leading to another, and networks and communities working together on project after project.

The communities are there, they just aren't quite collaborating efficiently. We always run into resource deserts.

Le sigh.

Poverty is a crappy bicycle. It'll get you there, you think, but if you try going too fast, the front wheel will come off, sending you over the handlebars and smashing your teeth in.

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Keep plugging away bud.
Slow and steady....keeps your teeth intact.

Of course, if where I'm going closes before I get there, it won't matter if my teeth are intact or not.

When the sun sets, that's it.

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