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The current Blizzard works at two speeds. On the one hand, it constantly expands (and with great frequency) its own games through more content and new experiences. On the other, he takes his time when launching sequels. And better not even talk about what it takes to launch a new saga: 18 years separate StarCraft from Overwatch, nothing less.

the future of Warcraft (through a lore)

After the expansion of Beyond the Dark Portal of Warcraft II, published in 1996, and its deserved success, Blizzard was clear that the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance would mark the rhythms of its future and, by extension, its growth. As a result, his next move would be to deepen the background to give rise to new and more ambitious projects.

To put ourselves in context, during that time Command & Conquer and Warcraft had started a kind of boom in real-time strategy games on PC. So Blizzard set out to take the saga beyond strategy games and, in the same movement, become a developer of varied titles that combined the genres that most liked those who worked there.

In the plot, Warcraft's graphic adventure put the player in the role of an orc named Thrall, who was raised as a slave after the events of Warcraft II and the victory of the Alliance.

Over time, and throughout his deed, Thrall would discover the events that occurred in the first two installments of Warcraft, as well as the events never told and new views of the most relevant events. Including how the orcs succumbed to the will of the demons and why they abandoned their traditions.

Finally, the events of Lord of the Clans would establish the canon of Warcraft and the future of the saga, causing the player to rebuild the Horde by witnessing in the front row as that orc slave sentenced to death would eventually free her.

Warcraft III, the role-playing strategy (RPS) of Blizzard


Blizzard didn't have to show anyone how much he dominated the strategy genre. Moreover, his reinvention of the Westwood Studios DUNE formula and the way in which his own fantasy universe was assembled made Warcraft radiate enough character to sit a chair and - inevitably - generate substitutes.

In fact, the draft of Warcraft and Starcraft, coupled with the resounding success of other stick sagas such as Age of Empires or Command & Conquer, soon saturate the shelves of real-time strategy proposals. To which we must add, of course, the turn-based strategy and many other variants.

Warcraft III, an instant classic. A myth that never stops


The first trailer for Warcraft III, as well as its first beta-quality contact shots, would arrive in 2000. Eventually, Blizzard would give the bell presenting two new factions (Night and Undead Elves) during the following months. Logically, that exceeded the best expectations of the fans and supposed that necessary blow on the table.

Not all were joys, of course. Although a launch had been stipulated initially for that same year, July 2002 would have to be waited for it to reach the shelves. The rest is history.

Warcraft III Reforged arrives integrated into and with an artistic and technical section according to what we expect from the current games. In any case, keeping intact (except for the doubling) the essence of the instant strategy classic.

A renewal of vows with that "RPS" that enchanted us and continues to fascinate us. But also the promise that we will continue chaining a game with the next one over the next decades.

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