5000 BTC Giveaway SCAM going on

in hive-167922 •  3 months ago 

there is a video spreading around which is a 5000BTC giveaway scam that everyone needs to be careful of.......i have friends who have fallen for the scam and i want to ensure that you do not get scammed too.......

the description of the video says that :

"Brian armstrong decides to leave Coinbase
Elon musk is now the director of Coinbase
To Celebbrate this we decided to make the biggest crypto giveaway so we have commited a total of 5,000 btc to giveaway

In order to be eligible, users must have minimum 0.05 btc during the competition period."

please let us all be careful and watch out this new year...there should be no room for scam in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.....

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