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Hello Everyone,

This is my entry for NEOXIAN SILVER (NEOXAG) POWER CONTEST FOR COMMUNITIES hosted by @zaku. I truly believe in neoxiancity and i admire the way #neoxian community is putting their efforts to make this amazingly amazing. @neoxian.

I am a huge fan of #neoxian city so i would love to nominate some communities which i think truly deserve this delegation.

First of all, i would like to thank @zaku for hosting this amazingly amazing contest.

Contest post

My first nomination is @steemhunt.

Well to be honest @steemhunt is changing the lives of people. I am writing this with my personal experience i love steemhunt community and i would be very happy if steemhunt get this delegation. And steemhunt is supporting neoxian tribe using their tag so i think this community deserves :)

My 2nd nomination is @actifit.

@actifit community is really doing great for the health wellness of people and actually rewarding people for being active so i like this community.

My 3rd nomination is @ocdb. Why ocdb? the reason i like their efforts the way they encourage newbies by rewarding their undervalued posts.

My 4th Nomination is @steemleo. I like their tribe concept and they dont support tag abuse.

My 5th and last nomination is @creativecoin. I love creative work so again i like the concept of this community.:)


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