Twitter innovates a new language by introducing Bitcoin emojis

in news •  2 months ago  (edited)

As soon as Twitter introduced an emoji for Bitcoin, #bitcoin became the trending hashtag.

This is bringing a renewed attention from general public towards bitcoin.

Combined with the scheduled halving in May, will this translate to the next bitcoin boom is the question that pops up in my mind.

The answers lies in how long tweeple can manage to keep bitcoin hashtag in trending.

Well, Twitter itself is helping in it. Join twitteratis by trying this new emoji. Every tweet you post with #bitcoin will automatically generate the new bitcoin emoji.

Have fun all the way ...from Twitter to the Bitcoin wealth!

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I don’t know how to use twitter emojis. I can just use my phone emojis. But it’s nice how a tiny thing like this can spur more interest.

Hope there are no more massive fake outs. We all know it’s going to moon but I hope sentiment returns asap

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Emoji language
Interesting approach
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