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Captain's Log

Hello settlers, today I am offering you several of the fastest ships in all NextColony, the right ships for fast and effective attacks. Are you thinking of knocking down some Yamato modules? then this offer is for you, I mean the versatile corvette petunia. don't miss this opportunity to grow your fleet with this incredible offer!

These ships are available on the market at a modest price of 350 stardust, get hold of them before they are exhausted and dominate the galaxy with a powerful fleet.

Didn't you know about the market?

Since a few days ago is available the option to exchange our resources in the game for stardust, this option is currently only available in the @jarunik client and possibly this implemented very soon in the official client.

This new addition to the game will certainly give a boost to the interaction between settlers, I'm personally hoping that prices will stabilize to buy some good blueprints. So what are you waiting for to sell and buy resources in this new game add-on?

Cleaning up the new galaxy

Every day I launch my explorers to the unknown space in search of new planets and little by little the galaxy is becoming clear, of course, the process is much faster thanks to my neighbors who are also very active, in this neighborhood, there are only the spaces that can see below:

It cost me a little bit to start exploration activities on my new planet, one of my neighbors very kindly put under siege my new planet isolating my explorers and then attack and destroy them, I had to send the new explorers along with the cavalry to break the siege, everything went well but in the maneuver must have been delayed at least two days in my explorations.

I would also like to invite you to take a look at a story whose third chapter is about to start (I have already fixed my pc but I lost some data). I'll leave you with a list of the various episodes written so far.

Chapter I - In the list
Chapter I.2 - A look back
Chapter I.3 - My parents
Chapter I.4 - Miles
Chapter I.5 - Preparation
Chapter I.6 - Leaving everything behind
Chapter I.7 - Hibernation

Chapter II - Reborn
Chapter II.2 - On the road to a new planet
Chapter II.3 - Electromagnetism
Chapter II.4 - Whispers
Chapter II.5 - An interrupted career
Chapter II.6 - Involved
Chapter II.7 - Confrontation

All the images used in this post belong to the game NextColony, a spatial simulation game integrated to the STEEM Blockchain.

Thank you for reading and don't hesitate to leave your comment.

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