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WOW! Holy crap! This was an absolutely incredible win for the Titans! I am so happy after a win like this, this is just awesome. The Titans get to 5-5 heading into their bye week with a lot of momentum overall. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has really played really well since he was named the starter in Week 7.

When it comes to today's game game against the Chiefs, I don't know where to begin. I didn't think the Titans could top their game they had against the Chargers from earlier this year, in terms of sheer craziness. But I really think this game has somehow managed to top it!

This was a highly competitive game from the start. Early in the fourth quarter the Titans are down by nine, 29-20, and they manage to grind out a huge touchdown drive to cut the Chiefs' lead to two, at 29-27. On the Chiefs' following drive they tacked on a field goal to extend their lead by five, the score was now 32-27, the Chiefs in front.

The Titans get the ball with 3:14 left in the game, it's essentially a must-score-a-touchdown drive. Horribly though, the Titans turn the ball over on downs and give the Chiefs the ball pretty much in field goal range immediately. It looks bad. One of the best offenses and quarterbacks in the NFL have the ball late in the game with a lead. One first down, the game is over. The only things going in the Titans' favor was the fact that they had two timeouts and a field goal would not take the Titans out of the game completely, as it would only be an eight point deficit if the Chiefs hit a field goal.

Miraculously the Titans actually prevented the Chiefs from getting a first down and forced them to attempt a field foal with about a minute and twenty seconds left in the game. The Titans used up all three of their timeouts, but they had a chance.

The drama was only beginning though, as when the Chiefs attempted their field goal the long snapper and holder messed up the snap and the holder panicked and just chucked the ball. The Chiefs were slapped with an intentional grounding penalty on top of the already huge turnover on downs. A miracle for Tennessee, a disaster for Kansas City.

The Titans were suddenly really back in business with solid field position. They had to be clutch though since they had zero timeouts to get six points. A Ryan Tannehill scramble and a couple of Tannehill bullets later and the Titans found their way in to the endzone on a nice twenty-three yard pass down the middle of the field to Adam Humphries for an epic touchdown with only twenty-three seconds left in the game. Tannehill would rush for a very important two point conversion to put the Titans up by three.

Of course with Mahomes and company a field goal is not hard to come by, and the Chiefs would put themselves in position for a 52 yard field goal try and tie the game up for overtime. But this try would just prove to be another miracle for the Titans! Joshua Kalu would end up blocking the field goal attempt, ending the game in regulation!! INSANE!

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This game was funny in certain aspects. Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes played really well, but the Titans defense really managed to make Mahomes and the Kansas City offense to really have to slowly march down the field, rather than big plays and quick scores. The Chiefs ended up possessing the ball for fifteen more minutes than the Titans, obviously that is equivalent to an entire quarter of football more than the Titans. Despite these facts, the Titans remained very very much in this game throughout. The Titans forced a key fumble that linebacker Rashaan Evans promptly returned for a 53 yard touchdown. The offense was effective on most drives, especially in the second half. This game was a total team win, but the offensive players of the game have to go to [Derrick Henry] and [Ryan Tannehill].

Tannehill went 13/19 passing with 181 yards and two touchdowns. He also added 37 extremely clutch rushing yards.

Derrick Henry went off today. He ran the ball twenty-three times for 188 yards, giving him an average of 8.2 yards a carry. Henry ran for two scores as well!

The Titans have got some very interesting momentum headed into their bye week!!! If this team can show up every week, I think the Titans could potentially make the playoffs for real. I am pretty confident in one thing though, the Titans will be playing meaningful football in December, which is not bad. Hopefully more than that is in store for the Titans of course!

Ryan Tannehill career resurrection/second chance? I sure am hoping he can find his best success in two-tone blue!

I don't know what to make of this team at times, but I am super proud of big wins like this. Just going to enjoy this huge upset for the next two weeks.

The Titans give effort every single play for sixty minutes. I am so proud of all of those guys. I am just so happy tonight!

On an interesting little side note, off the top of my head I think the Titans have beaten the Chiefs in three straight meetings, all three in DRAMATIC fashion. 2016 regular season game, 2018 Wild Card Playoff 18 point comeback.

#TITANUP BABY!!!!!!!!!!!


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Games like this are the best! A close and hard fought game with a huge upset to prove the doubters and haters wrong. Tannehill is starting to make his argument for a starting QBs contract... Great game and win!

Hey thanks man! This win feels great!! Two weeks to enjoy it!! I have no idea if Tannehill can/will continue this solid level of play but I sure hope he plays his way to a Starting contract! Because that would mean he's playing really well and helping the team win! It's a crazy season but I'm gonna enjoy the good moments! Thanks man :)

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Keep up the good work! 🏂
DFacademy Team 🎯

Thank you!

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You're welcome 🙂

Congratulations for that heroics. Titans really rockz.

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Yes thanks, it was a thrilling victory!!! So great

Very dramatic sport contest
Winning the impossible
We common use turtle and rabbit as a metaphor
Running Sport - The turtle won the rabbit

Yes indeed its not always how you start, finishing strong is equally important. 60 minutes in an NFL game. Gotta play all four quarters hard!

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