Winter Fairytale

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Any next newest photoshoot pfrom this evening. Finally caught the possibility to shoot in a still Chtistmasdecorated studio.
Great model in soft white lingerie well contrasts with darker elements of the studio

Color grading went pretty fine this time. Constant studio lightning used

Enjoy the Beauty!

CameraCanon 1Dx / Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8G2 / Studio Light

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La puesta en escena es súper genial porque está lleno de elementos bien característicos y conocidos para muchos de nosotros, también me gusta que le hayas agregado a la modelo porque le da ese toque de picante a la obra. La luz de la fotografía es bien tenue y eso relaja a quien la ve, la edición es increíble y como toda obra de tu parte es un placer comentar y halagar. Felicidades, eres excelente fotógrafo.


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Your work is wonderful, the pose of the beautiful model is perfect, its transparency gives it that sensual touch, the white color makes a contrast with the whole environment, very good work, this photograph is great, your work makes my day, greetings

Very great work. I love the colour combination of this photo. Keep it up.

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