Crossing the bridge to the magic island · Skye Island · Scotland

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Ski Island, Scotland, in a far corner where there seems to be nothing, but when you go to the hills, the magic is served.

It goes without saying that Scotland, and specifically the Isle of Skye, is a magical place for photography. I was really impressed by its landscape of hairy mountains, its picturesque sheep herd villages, its medieval castles, its meandering streams and its colourful fjords at sunset.

The week-long stay in which I crossed Scotland from south to north to the island of Sky was cut, where I spent some nights. I could only take about 500 photos. ;)

The countless flocks of sheep that grazed in any corner of the island, like white specks on the slopes of the mountainsides with snowy peaks, remain in my memory. Herds of horses or cows, with a long mane, also delighted our visit.

In this occasion, we were crossing a river on the way to Skye, and over the bridge, I could take this wonderful photo.
Sincerely, I hope to come back soon to take the untaken photo.


Tamron 18-200mm.


Copyright: Javier Sebastian, Canary Islands. All my images are original.
If you want to buy any of my visuals, please drop me a message, I'm on Discord: JavierSebastian#5816

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That’s a gorgeous photo! 👍🏻🙂

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What a magical place! Perfect shot indeed...

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