Pastel Color Portrait · JavierSebastian · 2007

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ntopaz-image-0Hello, friends.

Since I was a child, drawing was a natural skill of my hands. I loved to draw comics, landscapes and objects, but since then, I think the most difficult stuff to draw is a portrait that is faithful and realistic.

When I was studying Illustration in the Art School of Tenerife, one of the projects we had to do was a pastel portrait. I knew my fire test had arrived. In front of me I had the opportunity to demonstrate everything I had learned by myself in my childhood. The result after a week of work is this.

I am a little distressed to have lost the photos with good resolution that I made of the portrait and that I lost with the breakage of one of my hard drives. I could only rescue this poor photograph of 1660 px in height.

I hope you can appreciate this artistic work that I painted with such dedication.


Hola amigos.

Desde que era niño, dibujar era una habilidad natural de mis manos. Me encantaba dibujar cómics, paisajes y objetos, pero desde entonces, creo que lo más difícil de dibujar es un retrato que sea fiel y realista.

Cuando estaba estudiando Ilustración en la Escuela de Arte de Tenerife, uno de los proyectos que tuvimos que hacer fue un retrato en colores pastel. Sabía que mi prueba de fuego había llegado. Frente a mí, tuve la oportunidad de demostrar todo lo que había aprendido por mi cuenta en mi infancia. El resultado después de una semana de trabajo es este.

Estoy un poco afligido por haber perdido las fotos con buena resolución que hice del retrato y que perdí con la rotura de uno de mis discos duros. Solo pude rescatar esta pobre fotografía de 1660 px de altura.

Espero que puedan apreciar este trabajo artístico que pinté con tanta dedicación.

¡Un abrazo!

Pastel Color Portrait.
Canson Paper 160 gr/m2.
65x50 cm.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 2007.


Copyright: Javier Sebastian, Canary Islands. All my images are original.
If you want to buy any of my visuals, please drop me a message, I'm on Discord: JavierSebastian#5816

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Your artwork is very beautiful, with a lot of quality, color and freshness, you really have a very refined technique, @javiersebastian :)

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Thank you so much @elisonr13! I will try to post more on nTopaz Platform.
I just joined the Discord Channel. See you there. Regards!

Sure! aloha :))

Thank you very much for your support.
I'm glad you have appreciated my post.

Wow, your mastery in using pastel for portraiture is in a very high level. You are very skilled and talented!

Thank you very much @aalagenesis. I think that painting portraits is one of the best things I know how to do. I wish I had more orders.

I think more people will ask you for commissions more ! You're one of the best portrait artist I've seen here.

Hi, @javiersebastian!

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Lo felicito, veo que toda esa practica desde pequeño le dio buenos resultados, su retrato esta muy bien, se ve realmente realista y me encantó mucho los tonos en la piel.

Buen trabajo!!! ;)

Gracias por tus palabras @yanes94.
Llegué hasta hacerle las venitas de la mano, pero la foto es un poco borrosa.
Un abrazo!

Terrific portrait. Your technique with pastels is exceptional.

Thanks a lot. 😘
It's a pity that the photo is not good.

You're welcome. There are some after effects/treatments you can apply that ameliorate resolution issues.

I'm graphic designer. I tried to do my best fixing the pic. 😉

  ·  last year (edited)

I know how that goes. I have more than 25 years experience as a graphic designer myself. I can't count the times someone gave me a truly craptastic picture for inclusion in a publication and expected me to just "fix it." Your image, at least, was something you could work with. I only recommended after effects because you responded to my initial critique by writing, "It's a pity that the photo is not good."

The main problem is that the photo is not focused on. I tried to focus it, trying to respect the texture of the painting.
Please, you are free to take the photo and do a photographic treatment, if you have the time and the desire, of course.
I will be eternally grateful if you could fix it better than me.
Thanks in advance!

You're photo is actually decent I think. But, I do understand that your "Artist's Eye"is always more critical than anyone else, and you, as the artist, will always see something you think could be better. I struggle interminably with that myself. We are our own worst critic, eh?

I recognize it. I am so self-critical and so perfectionist that it can limit me and block me. I have so much to learn ...
Regards! 😉

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hermosa obra y hermosa chica.

Muchas gracias, @theonlyway!

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This is really good, I'm struggling with portraits myself but effects are rarely as satisfying as this :)

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Almost all masters say that we must use blurrs but I have always used my fingers to spread the pastel colors.
It's all about using the most effective and forgetting the rules. Thanks!

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you know i would love to see what it looks like to start. Like do you draw it? Maybe you should do on for a dtube video! <2

I guess someday I have to make a video. If I find the strength to do it, you will be the first to know. Kisses!

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