Black & White Pastel Portrait · JavierSebastian'18

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Hi friends,

I would like to share this portrait I made last year. Maybe you do not believe me but I could finish it in an hour and a half.

I had to do it in a short period of time, the photos I had within my reach were not the most appropriate and I did not think I would have time to paint a guitar. Still, I think my client could give a good portrait. What do you think?


Hola amigos,
Me gustaría compartir este retrato que hice el año pasado. Tal vez no me creas pero pude terminarlo en una hora y media.

Él es Juan Carlos Pérez Brito, en mi opinión, el mejor guitarrista de Canarias. Tuve que hacerlo en un corto período de tiempo, las fotos que tenía a mi alcance no eran las más adecuadas y no creí que me diera tiempo a hacer pintar una guitarra. Aún así creo que mi cliente pudo regalar un buen retrato. ¿Qué opinas?

¡Un abrazo!


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Great portrait!

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Thanks a lot, @catwomanteresa.
I'm glad you like it. Regards!

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Oh wow this is amazing @javiersebastian

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Thank you so much, @meloo182.
I'm glad you like it. Regards!

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Wow, Thanks a lot!

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A really great portrait. You have the ability to complete this portrait in 1 hour and 30 minutes. The hair and beard painted in black and white are impressive. The main character in the work seen from the side looks kindness. Jackets are good for senior experience.

Thanks for your words. I'm glad you like it. Hugs!

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I don't think what your client looks like but I like the portrait

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Ok, @wakeupkitty. This is the photo I used. Now you can compare better.


I think.he can be very satisfied. Your work is better 😍

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It seemed you doubted my ability 😉

I don't but you cannot say if its good if you do not know what someone looks like 😛

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You can not say it's bad either 😂

It is not bad 😘

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Wonderful portrait @javiersebastian