3D can sometimes be deceptive

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Designing a Logo can be really tricky. Reason being that it will be presented to your client in a very aesthetic platform.
Many like me will love to put it in a 3D mockup for a better validation and acceptance.
But most times it turns out to be the worst decision. Plane 2D now looks/works better for the purpose.

For instance I was modelling a car, to be used in a Logo Design for a car sales company. The drafting looks nice & perfect.


The areas in the image above, within the car body surrounding are not white but empty/transparent.



So I decided to try it out on 3D before furthering the design.

Guess what;

Is really bad & ugly

Uploaded the PNG file in Photoshop for the conversion.

And I go this........


So finally I'm presenting the finished works in 2D.
Yeah I thought about changing the colours but is still not useful.

Thanks for stopping by

Stay creative & healthy

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Well, some people might fancy it in 3D. You could consider repositioning the card.

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Right, that's true.

Nice job on the 3D editing buddy!

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