Will we grow old?

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ntopaz-image-0"How old are you?" I hate this question. I'm sure I'm not the only one, I always want to look young and energetic. even so, will we grow old? have we ever counted how much time we have used? Age is like a mobile voucher, how effectively do we use it. many public figures die at a young age, but at least they have used their time effectively in their work to make them immortal.

Actually what makes me dislike it when someone asks me about my age, not because I look old, but more regret because a lot of time has been wasted.

The photo above is my mate drinking coffee in the morning, he always reminds me to use time as effectively as possible. Old or young is not a problem, but the extent to which the use of 'age vouchers' before expired is an important thing that must always be considered.

Steemians, how old are you? LOL

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Hi @ombeye, I'm glad to see you share your in nTOPAZ content and read your point of view on old age and age; I have noticed that you have published in the Art with a HUMAN FOCUS contest which has nothing to do with black and white photography, so we have invalidated your entry for that contest.
We wait for your next entries adjusted to the contest.
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It was a mistake, sorry. I wasnt read all about the rules.

The question is good.

Right, we reblogged to thousand followers.. Many thanks to vote @puncakbukit as witness.

Como se dijera en Venezuela una expresión muy popular: "La piel así se arrugue, el alma sigue siendo joven". He visto jóvenes que parecen viejos, llenos de amarguras, odios, como he vistos ancianos con mas fuerza, energía y alegría que muchos jóvenes. Es cuestión de cada quién sentirse como desee. En vez de preguntar ¿Que edad tienes? Digamos ¡Me gusta tu manera de vivir!

Agree... Even look old, spirit must teen.. hehehehe...