Unknown name insect

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Hello Stemians...
Today I was captured some images araound me. I found an insect unfortunately I dont know name for this insect, I have seacrh in google, result was not similar. If you know... plz write it in your comment. Thanks.

category | macro photography

camera | mobile cam (Xiaomi-POCOPHONE F1)

Lens | external lens for mobile (no brand)

Location | Indonesia

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incredible photos, I think this beetle is called Myllocerus undecimpustulatus. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myllocerus_undecimpustulatus

Thanks bro... For info bro

Ok, @puncakbukit has resteemed to thousand followers.. Thank you to choose us as your witness.

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Another great shot!👌

Thanks bro...

Small world is the big world for someone ~ Capturing this moment is so precious to all of us. Unknown world is a well of treasure ~

Meaningful comments.
The term 'small world' is very interesting. Before the macro lens was present, maybe a detailed picture of an ant's head wouldn't be able to see.
Technological advances in the future, I'm sure there is a possibility that we will be able to photograph other lives in beads of ash.
Thanks for manual curation.


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