My Actifit Report Card: January 3 2020

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Its the first weekend in January, God be praised.

It has been a busy day, although I didn't remember to turn on my activity tracker on time.

School resumes by Monday and I have some supplies of my chinchin to make. So I made chinchin all day, ready to supply the few schools I have arranged with.

Its my first time adding baking powder in chinchin. I have always used flour, few eggs, butter flavour, sugar and a little salt. But someone visited and introduced me to adding powder into my chinchin. Well cooking is an act, I believe but if you ask me, my chinchin is alright even without baking powder, provided I have my eggs in it.

I hope to get more active this year not only in sport activities but in physical activities involving money, haha. I need to reach more customers this year.

That's my activity so far, its stressful but I have just a few counts from the tracker anyways. But am glad I am active today. You stay active.

Daily Activity, Walking

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Am not really a fan of chinchin until my wife introduced her special Tiger nut chinchin to me. I will show her your product too, I will consult you if need be please.
I love your packaging, it's very neat. You need to get your customized label to make it more superior.