Can you drink water while eating ?

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Can you drink water while eating ?

When you eat, can you drink water or can not you drink water, there are two different statements!

According to the news reports on the Internet and the explanations of doctors and experts, I think the following arguments are credible.

Food and water stay time:
The average food will stay for about 4 hours, and the water will only stay in the stomach for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Compared to the digestion of food, the residence time of water is extremely short, so it will not affect the digestion speed of food.
The study also found that no matter whether it is water or tea or even alcohol, there is no direct or negative impact on digestion.
But scientists recommend not drinking too hot water, the optimal temperature is 65 degrees Celsius.

I think should not drinking water at eating , is mainly based on drinking water that will causes the food in the stomach to swell and exert pressure on the stomach wall.
Therefore, drinking plenty of water during eating tends to increase satiety and reduce appetite. This is not healthy.
Practice, it is easy to cause gastroesophageal reflux!

When to drink water:
It is best half an hour after a meal.
would not to affect the function of the stomach .
but , do not drink plenty of water to avoid acid reflux / gastritis / stomach ulcers / other symptoms.

My personal habit is that when I have a meal, I have drink a little water, about 3 cups waters.

I took a photo,
This is taken from the calendar.
In order to get between the background and the cup,
Has a three-dimensional effect,
So I have to bend the calendar,
This tip is for everyone's reference.
And in order to let the cow's mouth feel like drinking water,
I put the light in my mouth,
The light just hit the place where he was drooling.
it looks Is a bit interesting !










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when I have a meal, I have drink a little water, about 3 cups waters.

I thought drinking 3 cups while eating is quite a lot. :)

Another thing: where can you use so many Tag's?

I posted it use
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Thanks for the detailed comment, although it will be difficult to use for someone like me who doesn't speak the language.
Besides, it seems to be a very peculiar system.

it is just a front end of STEEM

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I have read the article you said.
I'm very sorry,
I thought water is the most healthy and natural products!
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So your intention is to say that water is not healthy and natural products,
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