10k SP dream!

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I made a recent post about some goals for 2020 for me in my personal life, but also on Steem.
I decided that getting to 10k sp by the end of 2020 would be a huge milestone! I annonced this without having done any form of calculations haha.

Its October the 25th. I currently have 1,070 SP and I will estimate that by the 1st of Noveber I will have 1,075 SP.
I wanna get 10k sp by the end of 2020, so I have 14 months, which is equal to 426 days, with my current sp, I will need 8,925 to hit the 10k goal by the end of 2020 which means I will have to get 20.9 sp daily.

I am currently getting 1.65 SP daily on average based on the last 30 days. xD

Idle steem

I had a bit over 100 steem just sitting in my account not to any use, so I ended up leasing 6500sp. I went from have 5.5k leased sp to 12k leased sp. Not sure thats enough to put be over the edge, but it should in theory increase my daily sp to 3.2 sp or even a bit more.
Since SP is a compound variable, I am hoping that this boost will be enough in the end, maybe not :D


That also means that my other account @worldhelper will no longer be getting sp leases from this account and I have started a powerdown of @worldhelper's 130sp. @worldhelper will still be running but with very little sp untill I get this account to 10K SP..
Diversificering is good if you are "rich" enough, other wise its better to put more money into one basket, if you can tolerate the increased risk, which I can.

How & Why?

  1. With the boost I get from the leased SP for 1 month can help me in the right direction, it will certainly not be enough.

  2. I will also be writing more about different topics such as coaching, veganism and growth in generel and I will continue to post my @actifit posts daily aswell.

  3. I will also be entering more giveaways such as @abbak7's daily sbi giveaway.

  4. @ecotrain is asking big questions which you can answer by making a post about it, I will be in those now and then.

  5. @derangedvisions have launched @derangedcontests which is photo contests. I dont have a camera, but I think my phone could be good enough :D

Why not?
I like steem, I am rarely on facebook anymore. I am only on facebook to get notifications from work and then I close it again. Steem is a way better place for me to consume content.
And I wanna have a bigger impact and not having to invest monthly, which I cant really do anymore, maybe now and then.
And with the change upcoming in 2020, it just make sense to wanna be bigger and grow, also to invest if people can do that :D

It also helps my writing skills, which I haven't tried to improve at all before now, so bear with me :D

Well, thanks for the read. Stay turned on this journey.

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I did the exact same thing at the start of the year. Broke it down by month and set high targets. It felt impossible at the start but with some hard work and smart plays I actually hit the target with time to spare. It can be done with consistent effort and playing the game.

Ye I know. You smashed it :D
I am preping, I have a few tropics I wanna talk about and such. So I will be more active in posting and commenting :D
I should properly break it down into months

Got a bit lazy lately though but hoping to restart again soon and aim for the next target properly. Might just do a little until xmas and reset for next year.

Thats the problem with hitting goals and not setting new ones hehe :p

Well. I am currently changing a lot, so while I have this momentum, I will also change my steem behaviour :D