Earning With Marble.Cards

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If you haven’t heard of Marble.Cards yet you’re missing a unique & fun game that pays out marblecoin (MBC) for completing ‘#Quests’ such as getting cards ranked or accumulating a level of boost & the occasional airdrop posted in the marble.cards Discord server. They also decided that every new user gets a free card & 50 RMBC to start playing.

As you earn MBC & RMBC you can use it to level up, re-marble, & adjust cards or you can swap MBC for other coins/currencies on Uniswap or Roll Exchange. Even if you don’t enjoy the game you still get a free card out of it. MBC rewards are currently being paid out through the discord server. You’ll also need a Web3 Browser such as; Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, or Opera Browser (with built-in crypto wallet)





A Collector’s Guide to MarbleCards


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